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Configuring the Catalyst

Chapter Description

This sample chapter from Cisco Press compares differences between the router CLI and the Catalyst 4000/5000/6000 family. It also describes the command line interface including aspects like command line recall, command editing, uploading and downloading code images and configuration files, and finally provides an overview of the menu driven configuration for the other Catalysts.

Review Questions

1. What happens if you replace the active Supervisor module?

2. If your redundant Supervisor engines are running software version 4.1, the uplink ports on the standby engine are disabled until it becomes the active Supervisor. What strategies might you need to employ to ensure that failover works for the uplinks?

3. Table 4-4 shows how to recall and edit a command from the history buffer. How would you recall and edit the following command so that you move the ports from VLAN 3 to VLAN 4?

set vlan 3 2/1-10,3/12-21,6/1,5,7

4. What happens if you configure the Supervisor console port as sl0, and then you directly attach a PC with a terminal emulator through the PC serial port?

5. The Catalyst 5500 supports LS 1010 ATM modules in the last 5 slots of the chassis. Slot 13 of the 5500 is reserved for the LS1010 ATM Switch Processor (ASP). Can you use the session command to configure the ASP?

6. The command-line interface has a default line length of 24 lines. How can you confirm this?