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Configuring PIX Firewall IPSec Support

Chapter Description

This chapter will teach you how to configure PIX Firewall IPSec using preshared keys for authentication and test and verify PIX Firewall IPSec.


The topics considered in this chapter are complex and should be studied further to more fully understand them and put them to use. Use the following references to learn more about the topics in this chapter.

Refer to the Configuration Guide for the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall, PIX Firewall Release 5.1, to learn how to configure IPSec on the PIX Firewall. You will find the following chapters most informative:

  • Configuring IPSec—Presents an overview of how to configure IPSec and presents the procedure to do so

  • Command Reference—Contains details on each PIX Firewall command

  • Configuration Examples—Shows sample configurations for PIX Firewall IPSec