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What's New in CCNA #640-607?


  1. What's New in CCNA #640-607?

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Confused about the new CCNA exam? This FAQ from Cisco Press answers the most common questions about Cisco's new exam #640-607.

About CCNA® Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is the first step for most networkers. It is required for the Network Installation & Support and Network Engineering & Design tracks, and recommended for the Communication & Services track. Most Cisco Qualified Specialist designations require CCNA certification.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for CCNA certification.

Exams: There is one required exam for CCNA certification -- CCNA #640-607.

Training Courses: Two courses, CCNA Basics (CCNAB) and Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND), are recommended for CCNA certification.

Learn more about Cisco Career Certifications and the new CCNA exam from Cisco Systems.

What's New in CCNA #640-607?

Q. How does CCNA #640-607 differ from CCNA #640-507?

A. CCNA #640-607 provides additional challenges. While traditional multiple-choice questions remain, other question styles have been added. You are now presented with networking simulation questions ("simulations") that will measure your ability to accomplish certain tasks in a time-critical setting. To succeed in this interactive environment, you must have the hands-on expertise that Cisco Systems recommends for certification preparation.

Q. Are the objectives of the test different?

A. No. Cisco Systems continues to test for your comprehension of the networking skills and technologies that a Cisco Certified Network Associate should master. The objectives and exam outline have not changed from #640-507. The changes to the exam are entirely focused on the testing environment and ensuring that CCNA holders have specific networking skill sets.

Q. What are simulations?

A. Performance simulations are test problems that approximate a real-life environment on your computer screen. By solving problems that approximate the real-life environment, you demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter and, consequently, the ability to perform in the work environment. To learn more about simulations or to see a sample, visit www.cisco.com/go/certifications.

Q. How will the simulations work on the Cisco exams?

A. You will be presented with a real-life scenario and a networking topology to address specific tasks through router commands. The responses that you enter will need to be the same as those one would expect in a real-life networking situation.

Q. Are there any other changes besides the simulations in the CCNA #640-607 exam?

A. The CCNA #640-607 exam was refreshed with new exam questions. The refresh effort upholds the quality and integrity of Cisco Career Certification exams. However, the #640-607 exam questions still covers the same exam objectives of the #640-507 exam outline. Candidates do not need to prepare or learn any new content because the #640-607 exam will test on the same topics covered under the #640-507 exam.

Q. What will happen if I am already scheduled to take the CCNA #640-507 after March 12?

A. If you are scheduled for the CCNA #640-507 exam after March 12, 2002, you will be given the CCNA #640-507 exam. If you prefer to take the CCNA #640-607 exam, call your testing vendor to change your registration. You will not be able to reschedule the CCNA #640-507 exam beyond April 24, 2002. No new registrations for the CCNA #640-507 exam will be accepted after March 12, 2002.

Q. What self-study products are available to help me prepare for this new testing environment?

A. Cisco Press publishes a variety of CCNA #640-607 self-study products that teach networking concepts, not test-taking shortcuts. Try their books and software for the official information from Cisco Systems as you prepare for the exam. Products in the Cisco Press CCNA #640-607 line include:

Comprehensive test engines

Scenarios and exercises for learning and mastering CCNA concepts on actual hardware

New sections that assist novice networkers in understanding concepts

Content in multiple formats including book, PC, Mac, Palm OS, and Pocket PC

Q. What are the recommended learning methods for the CCNA exam?

A. There are three official learning opportunities — that can be used individually or in any combination — that Cisco Systems supports and recommends. Now more than ever, the key to CCNA success is experience — the kind of experience that you can get only from authorized Cisco Learning Partners, schools within the Cisco Networking Academy Program, and the official publisher for Cisco Systems, Cisco Press.