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IP Access List Security for CCNA Exam #640-607

Chapter Description

For CCNA preparation, CCIE Wendell Odom reviews the characteristics and limitations of the distance vector routing protocol RIP, provides an exercise on configuring RIP between two routers, R1 and R2, and follows up with useful commands to verify and troubleshoot your RIP configuration.

Lab Follow-up Tasks

You now have successfully configured RIP and verified its proper operation. Now that RIP has been configured between R1 and R2, draw the RIP routing domains on the master lab diagram to help you to see and understand routing boundaries. For example, because you have configured RIP between R1 and R2, you should draw a line encompassing all interfaces that have been included in the RIP routing process. In this way, you can have a visual representation of what routes you'd expect to be advertised to neighboring RIP routers. See Figure 8-2 for an example.

Figure 8-2 RIP Routing Domain

You now are prepared to move on to IGRP configuration and operation.