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The Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set

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Implementing network-wide security can be daunting, depending upon the size and the business of the company. The cost in ease of use and in resources to implement a network security policy must be weighed against the costs and possibility of network security breaches. Fortunately, the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set is designed for organizations that cannot use a traditional firewall due to financial constraints or implementation complexity. Anu Tewari tells how this feature set can help companies guard against security breaches.

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Intrusion Detection

The Cisco's IOS Firewall's Intrusion Detection system is an add-on module to the IOS Firewall Feature Set. It has 59 of the most common attack signatures to detect intrusion. When IDS detects suspicious activity, it logs the event and can either shut down the port or send an alarm before network security is compromised. Cisco Firewall IDS is supported on 2600, 3600, 7100, and 7200 series routers.

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