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Integrated IS-IS Routing Protocol Concepts

Chapter Description

This chapter reviews the basic concepts underlying the design of the IS-IS routing protocol and also discusses the two-level hierarchy for controlling distribution of routing information within IS-IS areas and between them: Level 1 and Level 2, respectively.


draft-ietf-isis-3way-02.txt: Three-way Handshake for IS-IS Point-to-Point Adjacencies

draft-ieft-isis-hmac-01.txt: IS-IS HMAC-MD5 Authentication

ISO 9542, "End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange Protocol." For use in conjunction with ISO 8473. Also published as RFC 995.

ISO/8473/Add.3 Protocol for providing the connectionless-mode network service-Addendum 3: Provision of the underlying service assumed by the ISO 8473 over subnetworks, which provide the OSI data link service.