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Intercloud Architecture and Technologies

  • Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.
  • Date: Sep 26, 2016.

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Intercloud: Solving Interoperability and Communication in a Cloud of Clouds, authors Jazib Frahim, Venkata Josyula, Monique Morrow, and Ken Owens explore how cloud providers have set up data centers at many locations to service their customers. For example, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, and others have established data centers for hosting cloud application services such as social networking, gaming portals, and business applications. In many of these social networks, the service components run in separate virtual machines that may be hosted in data centers owned by different cloud computing providers. In order to link the services provided by different providers at different locations around the world and to provide quality service to a consumer, it is necessary to build an Intercloud to bring the services together. This chapter details Intercloud architecture mode, Intercloud use cases, and Intercloud deploy.

The Intercloud Marketplace

The Marketplace is the curated set of products and services from Cisco and its Intercloud partners that enables enterprise customers to consume products and services in the enterprise catalog and across the global Intercloud product catalog from a simple, easy-to-use marketplace.

The Marketplace performs the following operations:

  • Manage online user ID setup and user directory

  • Manage identity authentication and secure site sign-in

  • Manage an online directory of applications

  • Manage or facilitate the purchase/consumption process

  • Meter usage of applications

  • Send and receive payments

  • Manage the customer feedback system

In performing these operations, the Marketplace may need to use the following:

  • The Cisco Infrastructure Services to set up VMs with a machine image provided by the application publisher and communicate via API with application publishers

  • Marketplace Platform (Exchange) to facilitate financial transactions

  • Service Exchange Delivery Platform (SDP) or Parallels Automation to facilitate OSS/BSS

  • Identity Provider (IdP) to provide single sign-on and other services to host a marketplace

  • Content delivery network which has 3,000 applications that can be added to the Intercloud Marketplace

  • Keystone for authorization; OpenLDAP for identity management

  • Application delivery platform to enable cloud-native development on the Intercloud Marketplace

  • Metering software

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