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Cisco ISP Software and Router Management

Chapter Description

This chapter covers general features that ISPs should consider for their routers and network implementations. Most are good design practices and don't leverage particular unique Cisco IOS Software features, but each demonstrates how IOS Software can aid the smooth operation of an ISP's business.

From the Book

Cisco ISP Essentials

Cisco ISP Essentials



This chapter covered the important steps necessary for an ISP to set up its initial router configuration correctly. It discussed the importance of the loopback interface, how to configure interfaces, as well as how to set up CEF and NetFlow. Nagle also was covered, and the chapter concluded with a discussion on how an ISP uses DNS for the network backbone infrastructure.

Combining this chapter with Chapter 1, the ISP now should have a workable router configuration ready for configuring routing protocols and the security features necessary for any ISP backbone.