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Chapter Description

In this chapter from CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 Official Cert Guide, Cisco cloud experts Chris Jackson, Hank Preston, and Steve Wasko introduce the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and how it helps manage requests for IT services.

This chapter provides an introduction to Cisco Prime Service Catalog, a platform that incorporates an easy-to-use portal with a shopping cart checkout process that is similar to the process used by popular online retailers. The portal enables anyone within your company to request applications and services from your cloud infrastructure. Prime Service Catalog automates the delivery of these applications and services quickly, and removes the burden of coordinating the various complex interactions within IT that would take hundreds of phone calls and emails and take weeks or months to get your application deployed.

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz

The “Do I Know This Already?” quiz allows you to assess whether you should read this entire chapter thoroughly or jump to the “Exam Preparation Tasks” section. If you are in doubt about your answers to these questions or your own assessment of your knowledge of the topics, read the entire chapter. Table 5-1 lists the major headings in this chapter and their corresponding “Do I Know This Already?” quiz questions. You can find the answers in Appendix A, “Answers to the ‘Do I Know This Already?’ Quizzes.”

Table 5-1 “Do I Know This Already?” Section-to-Question Mapping

Foundation Topics Section


Introducing Prime Service Catalog


Prime Service Catalog Concepts and Components


End-User Storefront

5, 6

Stack Designer

7, 8

Heat Orchestration

9, 10

  1. What is the role of Prime Service Catalog in delivering cloud services?

    1. Orchestration engine

    2. Part of UCS Director

    3. Help desk software

    4. Web-based front end that provides self-service provisioning of IT services

  2. What is Stack Designer used for?

    1. Nexus 9000 switch management software

    2. Design of orderable application software and infrastructure stack templates

    3. Nothing in the Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

    4. Billing module in Prime Service Catalog

  3. What protocol does RabbitMQ use to communicate?

    1. REST

    2. AMQP

    3. TCP port 2342

    4. BOCCE

  4. Where in Prime Service Catalog can you change email notification templates?

    1. You can’t

    2. SendMail

    3. Service Designer

    4. Portal Designer

  5. How can you find services in the end-user storefront of Prime Service Catalog?

    1. Search for keywords

    2. Browse the catalog

    3. Click Service Items on the main page

    4. All of the above

  6. Where can you see a list of service items that you have provisioned under your account?

    1. Stuff

    2. Completed orders

    3. My Stuff

    4. None of the above

  7. How do you change the graphical image of the application template in the service catalog?

    1. Edit the application template and input a new URL with the image you want displayed

    2. Upload a new image to the end-user storefront

    3. Use the camera in your laptop to take a picture and then import it via email

    4. All of the above

  8. What functions can you perform in Service Designer?

    1. Create authorization flows

    2. Order cellular service

    3. Drag and drop application components together

    4. Create bundled offerings

  9. When you click Build Service within Stack Designer, what template is generated?

    1. Heat

    2. CFN

    3. Service Catalog Template

    4. Cloud Pivot

  10. Which open source project uses Heat?

    1. OpenDaylight

    2. Apache ZooKeeper

    3. OpenStack

    4. Snort

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