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Integrated Services Digital Network Primer

Chapter Description

This chapter covers Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) basics, ISDN physical attributes, ISDN specifications, BRI, and PRI.

Review Questions

Give or select the best answer or answers to the following questions. The answers to these questions can be found in Appendix A, "Answers to Review Questions."

  1. At which layer of the ISDN stack does Q.931 operate?

  2. What type of device is commonly found between the S and T interfaces?

  3. How does ISDN BRI service provide both transmit and receive on a single pair of wires?

  4. On a Cisco router, what command would give you the following output: 0x8090A2? What does it mean?

  5. If your local CO does not have the required facilities to provide you with ISDN service, what might have to be done?

  6. If you are not sure that your BRI service has been connected, what can you do as a quick test to verify connectivity?

  7. Which of the following messages is not used during the ISDN call setup phase?

    1. Connect
    2. Ringing
    3. Setup
    4. Call Proceeding
  8. If a call needs to traverse the SS7 network, which message type would the Connect message likely be converted into?

    1. IAM
    2. ACM
    3. RLC
    4. ANM
    5. REL
  9. How many pairs of wires does an ISDN PRI circuit use?

  10. Which of the following messages is sent first during a Q.921 negotiation between ISDN devices?

    1. UA
    2. SAPI
    3. RRp
    4. Setup
    5. SABME

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