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Content Delivery Networks

Chapter Description

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) enhance the end user's experience by overcoming some inherent flaws in the Internet's anatomy and provide a solution to what was once a major challenge. This chapter covers how CDNs increase overall network performance by solving existing challenges, presents the components of a CDN solution, and provides recipe-based solutions that help in deploying a CDN architecture.


This chapter shares that Content Delivery Networks are networks in and of themselves. The ingredients of a CDN (the five components that were listed earlier) can be put together in a multitude of ways to form some great recipes, like the three discussed: Transparent Caching, E-CDN, and Content Filtering. As time goes on, new recipes will be created that use different varieties of these ingredients; there might even be another ingredient that comes about. For the near future though, these are the ingredients used to build great content delivery solutions.

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