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Content Delivery Networks

Chapter Description

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) enhance the end user's experience by overcoming some inherent flaws in the Internet's anatomy and provide a solution to what was once a major challenge. This chapter covers how CDNs increase overall network performance by solving existing challenges, presents the components of a CDN solution, and provides recipe-based solutions that help in deploying a CDN architecture.

Review Questions

  1. What is the goal of Content Delivery Networking?

    1. Accelerate content delivery

    2. Reduce the last mile bottlenecks

    3. Improve the user's experience of the content he is retrieving

    4. All of the Above

  2. What are the five components of a Content Delivery Network?

  3. What is content switching/load balancing able to provide a company?

  4. How does content routing help a company scale?