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End-to-End DSL Architectures

Chapter Description

Explore the configurations of the four basic TCP/IP architectures for DSL, including three architectures based on RFC 2684, Routed Bridge Encapsulation (RBE), and Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM (PPPoA). You will go through configurations for the Cisco 827 CPE router, the Cisco 6000 series of IP/DSL Switches, and the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator (UAC).


In this vital chapter, you configured all three components of the DSL network with the CLI Cisco IOS Software. Moving from the Cisco 827 and 827-4V, with their basic data and added voice configurations, you then followed the DSL traffic upstream to the Cisco 6000 series of IP DSL Switches. There you learned not only how to configure the IP DSL Switch for redundancy, but also how to map the incoming DSL traffic to outbound ATM traffic and to adjust configurations for particular models of IP DSL Switches and line cards. Finally, you learned how APS and other redundancy options work on the Cisco 6400 UAC, followed by configuration of the basic architectures, such as PPPoA on the NRP.

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