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Learning WAN Switching Technologies


  1. Learning WAN Switching Technologies

When I first became interested in pursuing the recently retired CCNP WAN (Cisco Certified Network Professional WAN Switching) certification, I searched bookshelves and online bookstores for information that would help me better prepare for the four required exams. I was amazed to discover that, except for the Cisco Systems instructor-led courses, no published study or reference materials existed for those who wanted to learn about the WAN switching technologies at the professional level. As a result, I was concerned that the cost, time, and travel requirements for the instructor-led courses would limit their accessibility, and that information about these technologies should therefore be available in book form as an alternative or supplement to the classroom courses.

WAN switching technologies form the telecommunications backbone from which service providers deliver communications services to all corners of our planet. As this global infrastructure becomes more vital to businesses, schools and individuals, so does the necessity of having skilled WAN switching professionals who are trained on the products used to maintain this infrastructure. The Cisco WAN Switching professional Reference was created with this idea in mind. This professional level WAN switching study and reference guide provides information about WAN switching technologies that was not previously available in book stores. Individuals and companies are now able to purchase this book and immediately receive answers to most of their WAN switching questions.

Cisco WAN Switching Professional Reference contains in-depth information about Cisco's three WAN switching platforms: MGX, BPX, and IGX. This technical information covers WAN switch installation and configuration;, voice, IP, ATM and MPLS features; and how internetworking is initiated between Frame Relay and ATM. The book also covers configuration of ATM ports, ATM connections, and SONET APS with useful examples; and implementation of voice and data channels and connections on the IGX switch. I discuss how to synchronize your network with any type of WAN switch, as well as how to troubleshoot your network efficiently and effectively.

The above skills and knowledge are essential for the successful implementation and operation of a WAN switch network. Cisco WAN Switching Professional Reference was published with the idea that greater knowledge about WAN switching technologies would help increase the success of WAN switching professionals who operate the worldwide WAN networks.

This three-course study and reference guide can be used as a supplementary study guide in combination with other Cisco courses or Cisco Press books, or as a reference guide for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of your Cisco WAN switch network. You should also find it useful preparation for the WAN switching portion of the CCIE Communications and Services certification, and the Cisco Qualified Specialist exams for WAN switching.