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Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony

Chapter Description

Troubleshooting a Cisco IP Telephony network can be a daunting task. Learn how to follow a good troubleshooting methodology by breaking the problem into smaller pieces and tackling each piece individually.


This chapter discussed the methodology you should employ to successfully troubleshoot problems in an IP Telephony network. You should become familiar with the methodologies discussed here. It is vital that you always follow a consistent approach to troubleshooting. Many basic problems can be avoided by using a consistent troubleshooting approach.

Also, be sure that you understand the big picture of IP Telephony architecture. What areas are you unsure about? Are you strong in IP but weak in call processing skills? Are you familiar with the basic protocols that are used? Consider where you are now, and as you move forward, pay particular attention to strengthening your weak areas.

As you begin this journey, hopefully this book can bring some illumination to the sometimes daunting task of troubleshooting an IP Telephony network.