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CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Lab

Section 4: EGP Protocols

Q: Is it sufficient if I peer from connected interfaces as default?

A: Where possible, you should peer using the most resilient method as instructed.

Q: I have just configured my routers to peer from their loopback interfaces and now not all of my BGP neighbors are showing up. Is this acceptable?

A: No, you need to remember the rules for EBGP peering.

Q: To minimize the configuration on R8, can I leave out statements such as update-source?

A: No, find a way to maintain the required features but cut down on the size of your configuration.

Q: Can I advertise my new loopback interfaces as I see fit.

A: Use the most appropriate method of advertising your new networks.

Q: Can I change router IDs to manipulate the path selection on R6?

A: You can try anything not listed in the question if it achieves the desired results.

Q: If I have the BGP routes in my BGP tables, surely this is sufficient to prove my BGP is functioning correctly and I have full IP visibility?

A: Potentially yes, however, it would be prudent to perform extended pings or by using traceroute to be 100-percent certain.

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