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CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Lab

Section 7: IOS and IP Features

Q: Do you require IPsec configured between R1 and R2?

A: The question refers to Layer 2; IPsec is a Layer 3 protocol.

Q: Can I use access lists to just allow R2 to communicate with R1?

A: This is again Layer 3.

Q: Do you want me to authenticate my routing updates to ensure security?

A: You need a Layer 2 solution.

Q: Do you want me to use a single NAT instance to hide behind my loopback interface?

A: You may find that you require multiple instances to answer the question effectively.

Q: Surely the new router will have at least been configured to pick up a DHCP address?

A: The new router is out of the box with a factory configuration only.

Q: Do you actually want the configuration of R9 to be stored on R6?

A: No, the configuration is to be held on a fictitious TFTP server.

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