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Planning the Cisco CallManager Implementation

Chapter Description

Planning, designing, and implementing a Cisco IP Telephony solution is a much more manageable task if you carefully consider each step outlined in this chapter before moving on to each subsequent step.

Check the Compatibility Matrix

Cisco posts a compatibility matrix on Cisco.com (see Figure 1-2) that helps you determine whether the parts of the IP telephony system you want to deploy are compatible with other parts. You need to be certain that all upgrades, firmware loads, applications, gateways, and other hardware devices are compatible with the version of CallManager you plan to deploy. Access the compatibility matrix at the following link or search Cisco.com for "CallManager compatibility matrix" (when you get the search results, look for the Cisco recommendation to the right of the results screen):


Figure 2Figure 1-2 CallManager Compatibility Matrix on Cisco.com

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