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Getting Familiar with Cisco Secure Access Control Server

  • Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.
  • Date: Dec 3, 2004.

Chapter Description

This chapter covers the basics of the Cisco Secure Access Control Server interface, and familiarizes you with the very simplest of actions in this medium.

Preparing to Add Users

You are almost ready to add users to the ACS database. Before you do so, customize the interface a little more so that you can keep some more detailed information that might help you in keeping track of users. In the ACS user configuration, you have the ability, by default, to include Supplementary User Info, as shown in Figure 6-20. This includes a real name and description.

Figure 20Figure 6-20 Supplementary User Info

To add additional fields for more information to be added, follow these steps:

Step 1

Access the Interface Configuration menu.

Step 2

Select User Data Configuration. Place a check mark in the box titled Display for number 3 and 4 to indicate that you want these fields to be displayed.

Step 3

Edit or input the relevant headings for each field you plan to use in addition to the two defaults. In Figure 6-21, Phone Extension and Cubicle Location was used.

Step 4

Select Submit.

Figure 21Figure 6-21 User Data Configuration

You can check your work by following these steps:

Step 1

Select User Setup.

Step 2

Enter aaauser in the field provided.

Step 3

Select Add/Edit.

Step 4

You should now see the two new Supplementary User Info fields that you created. See Figure 6-22.

Figure 22Figure 6-22 Supplementary User Info (After Edits)