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E-Learning Goes Global: How the Cisco Networking Academy Transforms Lives

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With its global success in transforming lives, learning, and social paradigms, the Cisco Networking Academy Program is hailed as a remarkably successful example of a productivity pyramid metaphor.

Benefits to Cisco

So where is the value for Cisco in this effort? A list of values follows:

  • Value of philanthropy

  • The program offers a social investment of global magnitude that offers an opportunity for those who are willing to help themselves. According to the Council of Foundations (in 2002), nearly four out of five shareholders will reinvest when a company has a high Corporate Philanthropic Index (CPI). Having a high CPI contributes toward higher customer loyalty and even higher employee loyalty.

  • Government relations

  • With its global recognition, the Cisco Networking Academy Program helps establish contact and extend relationships with top government leaders worldwide. The program positions Cisco as a leader in both Internet technologies and education.

  • Ecosystem

  • The partnerships and the talent pool generated through the Networking Academy Program help strengthen the ecosystem around Cisco, and the Cisco strategic partners and resellers value the commitment that Cisco has made to workforce development through the program.

  • Model for Internet learning

  • The Cisco Networking Academy is a living example of how Internet learning continues to enable expansion of the program. Through its high-growth period, with 50 to 100 academies being set up almost every week, the Internet learning offered an expansion mechanism that would not have been sustainable through traditional learning delivery. Because of its impact on various schools and community colleges worldwide, administrators in educational institutions now consider Internet learning a viable educational delivery means for other curricula as well.

  • Internet learning in the “traditional classroom”

  • The Networking Academy Program demonstrates a model of how e-learning can equip instructors with subject matter expertise, assessment tools, and learning management support even in the traditional classroom. Using its global e-learning infrastructure, Cisco Networking Academy delivers content to its instructors, ensuring consistency of content and assessment items. The model is unique and offers insight to organizations seeking to deliver educational or training content to geographically dispersed audiences in traditional classroom settings as well.

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