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The IT Career Builder's Toolkit, Chapter 11: Breaking into IT

Chapter Description

IT jobs seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. New graduates trying to get into the IT field appear to be faced with an alarming shortage of available positions. Matthew Moran, however, shows that this isn't necessarily the case, as it's still possible to work in IT outside of the IT department. Find out how in this chapter.

Actions & Ideas

  1. Analyze your ideas about breaking into IT. Do you have the perception that all IT careers take place in the IT department? Can you see areas where technology expertise would be helpful in nontechnical roles—perhaps even a job you have held?

  2. Introduce yourself to an IT professional of some influence—whether at your current company, your local church or religious organization, or other sphere of influence. Let this person know your career motives and ask for advice.

  3. Create a short-term plan of technology projects that you can perform outside of an IT department to advance your skills.

  4. Look for ads for IT-related jobs (or jobs that require IT related skills) in non-IT departments. Compare job descriptions, prerequisites, and expectations.