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Understanding Cisco Security Agent Components and Installation

Chapter Description

In this chapter, you will continue to gain an understanding of the CSA architecture through an exploration of the agent software components, protocol communication, and installation.

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Cisco Security Agent

Cisco Security Agent



The CSA agent kit creation and installation process is fairly straightforward, or at least it can be. For larger organizations, you might find that the installation process can be automated quite effectively using scripts and other mechanisms. It is very important that you fully understand the types of machines you will be installing the agent on with regard to hardware and software specifications as well as other possible software that might conflict with the installation process. As always, a pilot, documentation of the scripts and processes, and user training of the new product are recommended for making the installation of your newest security tool a success.

In the next chapter, you continue to explore CSA. The next chapter covers the local GUI itself, its options, and its interaction with the user. You will also discover some local agent files that prove useful when troubleshooting a local policy interaction with the system as well as the agent interaction with the remote CSA MC server.