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Cisco ASA Security Contexts

Chapter Description

The virtual firewall methodology enables a physical firewall to be partitioned into multiple standalone firewalls. Each standalone firewall acts and behaves as an independent entity with its own configuration, interfaces, security policies, routing table, and administrators. In Cisco ASA, these virtual firewalls are known as security contexts. This chapter covers security contexts in detail.


Security context is a robust feature available in Cisco ASA. It provides a cost-effective solution by having multiple firewalls integrated into one physical appliance. Each security context has its own interfaces, security policies, and routing tables. The packets traversed through the security contexts are classified based on the source interface or the destination IP address. This chapter discussed the configuration steps and provided deployment scenarios to help you to understand this concept better. For troubleshooting purposes, the chapter introduced the relevant show commands and walked you through how to isolate the issues related to security contexts.