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Trash Your Pocket PC Synchronization Cable and Go Wireless

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Do you daydream about new ways to be wireless? Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to synchronize your wirelessly-enabled Pocket PC with your PC over your wireless network — with no strings attached!

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Considering all of the electronic gizmos that I own, I'm always eager to learn new ways to be able to rid myself of extra cables. Unfortunately, you can't charge your Pocket PC wirelessly, so you can't really get rid of your synchronization cable altogether—you'll still need it to charge your Pocket PC.

If your Pocket PC didn't ship with built-in Wi-Fi, you might want to check and see if you Pocket PC allows for an aftermarket card to be plugged in like a Sandisk SDIO Wi-Fi card.

After learning how to wirelessly synchronize my Pocket PC I found myself synchronizing much more frequently than I did when I had to use my synchronization cable.

Just think: by using this technology you're one step closer to life with no strings attached.