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Setting up a Live Webcam Feed


  1. What Youll Need
  2. Installation and Setup
  3. Forwarding Your Port
  4. Tuning Into Your Web Camera Broadcast
  5. Conclusion

Article Description

Unless you are telepathic, it is difficult to find out what's happening on the other side of the earth without technology aiding you. Instead of telepathy, you and your audience can now broadcast and tune into the live feeds over the Internet. Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to set up a live web camera feed with some free software.

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Tuning Into Your Web Camera Broadcast

After you have forwarded your ports, you can start the encoding process again to begin broadcasting your web camera feed (that is, click the Start encoding button).

At this point, you can have your audience tune into the web camera broadcast. Clients can hook up by opening Windows Media Player on their machines and specifying either the LAN address (if the client is on the same local network as the broadcasting machine) or the external WAN address if the client is outside the network of the broadcasting machine. To find out your WAN address, a good trick is to go to WhatIsMyIP.com (see Figure 12), which lets you know what your external WAN address is. To let people outside your LAN tune into your webcam broadcast, you’ll need to provide this external WAN address.

Figure 12

Figure 12 WhatIsMyIP.com

From Windows Media Player, a client interested in watching and listening to your broadcast should go to, go to File > Open URL. In the Open URL window (see Figure 13), provide the URL for LAN connections established via the session creation wizard earlier if you are local to the broadcasting machine. If the connecting machine is outside of the LAN of the broadcasting machine, you need to swap the LAN IP address with the WAN IP address of the broadcasting machine.

Figure 13

Figure 13 Open URL window

After some buffering, the client machine should be able to start seeing the web camera broadcast.

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