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Overview of Modern SCSI Networking Protocols


  1. iSCSI
  2. FCP
  3. FCIP
  4. iFCP
  5. Summary
  6. Review Questions

Chapter Description

The goal of this chapter is to quickly acclimate readers to the standard upper-layer storage protocols currently being deployed. To that end, it provides a conceptual description and brief procedural overview for each ULP.


This chapter provides a high-level overview of the upper-layer network protocols that comprise the SAM Transport Protocols. The protocols reviewed are all standards and, with the exception of iFCP, are commonly deployed in modern storage networks. The use of iSCSI and FCP for initiator-target communication is discussed, as is the use of FCIP and iFCP for long-distance FC-SAN connectivity across IP networks. The overviews in this chapter complement the information provided in Chapter 3, "An Overview of Network Operating Principles," in an effort to prime readers for the technical details provided in Part II, "The OSI Layers." Part II begins by examining the details of operation at OSI Layers 1 and 2.

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