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Overview of Modern SCSI Networking Protocols


  1. iSCSI
  2. FCP
  3. FCIP
  4. iFCP
  5. Summary
  6. Review Questions

Chapter Description

The goal of this chapter is to quickly acclimate readers to the standard upper-layer storage protocols currently being deployed. To that end, it provides a conceptual description and brief procedural overview for each ULP.

Review Questions

  1. How does iSCSI complement the traditional storage over IP model?
  2. Is iSCSI capable of supporting high-performance applications?
  3. How does the FC network service model resemble the IP network service model?
  4. What is the guiding principle in traditional FC network designs?
  5. What does FCIP create between FC-SANs to facilitate communication?
  6. Which FC-4 protocols does FCIP support?
  7. Is iFCP currently being deployed for its originally intended purpose?
  8. Which address mode is most commonly used in modern iFCP deployments?