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Throw Away the Resume!

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Although most IT professionals rely on their resume as their primary marketing document, published articles and case studies can have a dramatic impact on career development. Used properly, they help you quickly build your credibility, separating you from other professionals in your field and leading to more numerous and higher-paying opportunities. Matthew Moran discusses techniques to help you get started in writing case studies and articles and also provides some ideas for getting them published.

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Using Your Publications to Find Opportunity

Although the title of the article tells you to throw away your resume, perhaps that step is too drastic. I am convinced, however, that writing effective case studies or having a few publishing credits to your name will greatly enhance your professional creditability and exposure.

Understanding that personal marketing is a critical part of developing a comprehensive career strategy emphasizes the importance of these activities. As you approach companies about job opportunities, include some of your publishing credits in your cover letter or at the bottom of your resume. Include a copy of one or two of your most relevant articles or a case study. They will help to separate you from the masses.

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