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VoIP: An In-Depth Analysis

Chapter Description

This chapter explains many of the issues facing Voice over IP (VoIP) and ways in which Cisco addresses these issues.


The following Requests For Comments (RFCs) will help you to continue researching VoIP:

  • RFC 1889—RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications
  • RFC 2327—SDP: Session Description Protocol
  • RFC 2326—RTSP: Real-Time Streaming Protocol
  • ITU-T Recommendation H.323
  • ITU-T G. specifications for codecs
  • ITU-T G.113 Voice Quality Specification
  • ITU-T P.861 Perceptual Speech Quality Measure(ment), PSQM
  • iLBC Codec—http://www.ilbcfreeware.org/
  • RFC 3550—Real Time Transport Control Protocol
  • RFC 3611—RTCP Extended Reports