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Session Initiation Protocol

Allowing H.323 to SIP Connections

SIP and H.323 dial peers can be configured on the same gateway, but call routing between the two types of dial peers is disabled by default. To enable this routing, enter voice service configuration mode and issue the command allow-connections from-type to to-type. Options for both the from-type and the to-type are h323 and sip. Example 4-11 shows a router that is configured to allow multiple types of VoIP connections.

Example 4-11. Configuring H.323 to SIP Connections

H323-SIP-GW(config)#voice service voip
H323-SIP-GW (conf-voi-serv)# allow-connections h323 to h323
H323-SIP-GW (conf-voi-serv)# allow-connections h323 to sip
H323-SIP-GW (conf-voi-serv)# allow-connections sip to h323
H323-SIP-GW (conf-voi-serv)# allow-connections sip to sip

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