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VoWLAN Applications and Benefits

Chapter Description

This chapter describes various applications of Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) systems. Real-world examples and case studies provide you with a solid understanding of how VoWLAN can benefit a company. Details are also given about tangible benefits and expected return on investment (ROI).

Chapter Summary

The deployment of a VoWLAN solution can provide substantial benefits to companies. In most cases, the primary benefits are increases in productivity due to improved communications and lower long-distance telephone charges. A doctor in a hospital who carries a VoIP phone is reachable immediately and can respond to patient needs quickly. Also, a company can make use of VoWLANs and route calls over the Internet or a private WAN, which makes these calls much less expensive than using the traditional PSTN. In addition, a VoWLAN solution is a lower-cost method for implementing mobile phone technology inside larger facilities as compared to cellular systems. A company should, however, complete a financial study to adequately define benefits and the costs of deploying and supporting the VoWLAN system.

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