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Setting Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using m0n0wall

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Need to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires your patrons to authenticate? Sounds too expensive? On the contrary. Kulvir Singh Bhogal shows you how to set up the hotspot on the dirt-cheap.

Acting Like a Patron Wanting to Surf the Web

So at this point, you are ready to test the Wi-Fi m0n0wall-powered hotspot by acting like a shop patron would. Simply connect to the network name (SSID) associated to your hotspot's router and follow these steps:

  1. Open up a browser and visit any web site (for example, http://www.informit.com). At this point, rather than going to the requested site, you should be directed to the m0n0wall Captive Portal entry page (as shown in Figure 9). <
    Figure 9

    Figure 9 Specify the username and password as a hotspot user.

  2. Enter the username and password you assigned earlier for the hotspot users, and you should be redirected to the site you requested. If you fail authentication, you should be presented with the error page (see Figure 10).
    Figure 10

    Figure 10 Being presented with an error page when the username and/or password you specify are invalid.

To recap, before you can go anywhere using the hotspot, you have to authenticate, thereby barring leeching of the hotspot's bandwidth from pesky neighbors who aren't buying!

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