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Setting Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using m0n0wall

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Need to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires your patrons to authenticate? Sounds too expensive? On the contrary. Kulvir Singh Bhogal shows you how to set up the hotspot on the dirt-cheap.

Adding a User

Next, you need to add a username and password that is allowed to use the hotspot:

  1. Click the Users tab in the Services: Captive Portal screen, then click the plus icon as shown in Figure 7.
    Figure 7

    Figure 7 Opting to add a new Captive Portal user.

  2. Enter a user name. For example, use a user name of customer with a password of ilovejava (see Figure 8). To reiterate, this username is the one that customers will use to authenticate as trusted users of your hotspot.
  3. Leave the Expiration Data blank and click Save.
    Figure 8

    Figure 8 Specify the username and password issue of the user you are creating.

  4. You'll need to manually provide your customers with the info of what username and password is required to use the hotspot. If you noticed, the login screen that I provided you with actually asks the user to visit the front desk for the username and password.

My coffee shop owner friend has little pieces of paper with the connection info he printed for his customers. Customers seem to be comfortable with this approach.

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