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Exploring QoS in Catalyst

Chapter Description

Discover the workings of the the various platform QoS features available across the Cisco Catalyst product family. You will gain full understanding of each Catalyst platform's supported QoS features and be able to configure various Catalyst families of switches.

Material Presentation for Catalyst Switching Platforms

Figure 3-1 shows the general QoS packet-flow architecture for Cisco Catalyst switches. The architecture presents only the standard model for QoS features on each Catalyst platform. However, support for each feature of the architecture is platform dependent and varies significantly for each Catalyst switch.

Figure 01Figure 3-1 General Catalyst QoS Packet-Flow Architecture

For each Catalyst platform, this book discusses QoS features using the following flowchart:

  • QoS Architecture Overview

  • Input Scheduling

  • Classification and Marking

  • Policing

  • Congestion Management and Avoidance

  • Sample Configurations and Case Studies

  • Summary

As indicated in the Tables 3-1 through 3-5, not every Cisco Catalyst platform supports all the QoS components and features. For those platforms, the QoS component is omitted or discussed as an unsupported feature. Chapter 10, "End-to-End QoS Case Studies," concludes with comprehensive case studies using several Cisco Catalyst switches and QoS features.

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